I am on job finally!

It’s an amazing Sunday but why it’s too short, i am not feeling well to start another Monday. Oh yes, i love Saturdays because i can finish a list of tasks pending at home. I am a freelancer but i enjoy the weekend more than anybody. Friday nights should be less burdened, i really don’t bids on Fridays and mostly don’t answer the queries. Isn’t it amazing?
Doesn’t matter either i am a freelancer or an employee somewhere, if i am having the same symptoms that days are having some kind of happiness and fears in their names so it means i am on job. Job doesn’t mean some work but a kick on my butt so i can start again every Monday or maybe a certain hour in 24 hours. If your mind is requiring a kick, must reconsider that either you are an employee by birth, by nature, by profession, by habit, by company, by location, by ethnicity or anything else. Because all days are same and in fact every new day is coming up with new opportunities and chances to let you hit the world hard. The more you hit, the more you get back. I love this freedom. But how amazingly we are ready to be employed, on job, to be obedient, to be a servant. Being a service provide i feel that i love my clients but how bad will that feel if someone is willingly a servant and he needs a kick to start. OMG!


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